If you have anything to raise

We hope you will be completely satisfied with our approach to looking after your child and helping them to learn in a positive and creative environment.
If you should have a concern or query about this, or if there is a situation at school you are not entirely happy about, in the first instance please talk to your child's class teacher, who will try to resolve the matter; we try our best to deal with any issues that arise at a school level and find that the chance to talk things through is the best way forwards.
However, if you wished to take a matter further, the next step would be for you make an appointment to talk to the Head of School, Mrs Hawker. 
If there were still an unresolved issue, the next step would be to bring the matter to the Chair of Governors, Mr Steve Murray, via our Clerk, whose email is info@clerking.co   
These steps are laid out in our Complaints Procedure, please click on the link below.
Thank you!