About us

Our Aim

Developing academic and life skills, fulfilling each child’s potential
by encouraging and expecting excellence.

Blisland Academy aims to provide an inspirational, exciting education which gives every child equal opportunity and access to a broad, balanced and creative curriculum.

The school aims to achieve the highest standards possible and to develop:

Qualities of spirit, feeling and imagination, and a sense of beauty;
The ability to work hard and to succeed at tasks, to work independently and with other people, encouraging an appreciation of human endeavour;

Positive relationships and an awareness of, and a sensitivity to, the needs of others;
Self-esteem and self-confidence both in school and the wider community;

A thirst for knowledge, open mindedness and individual talent within a broad curriculum;
A reasoned set of personal attitudes, values and beliefs and a respect for the religious  and moral values of others.

We will endeavour:

To bring the world to our children which will in turn prepare them to go into the world
To provide exciting and stimulating experiences which will inspire an ethos of enquiry and creativity. 

Working together:

In 2012, we federated with St Cleer Primary School and the schools share a joint Governing Board.